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M011 2-Day Master Class on Leading Business Transformation using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Narudee (Poom) Kristhanin

Building Purposeful & Better Business Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method

In today's fast changing competitive landscape and market uncertainty, it's not easy to lead, inspire while retain the best people to work passionately in your organization. How do we get the leadership team to work with purpose knowing why they want to wake up in the morning and use their head, heart and mind at their fullest potential to help your organization reach the goal and thrive personally. It’s by having the meaningful business purpose beyond the mere vision statement on the wall and website. Meaningful business purpose are hard to articulate while it’s deeply connect with the leaders’ values, insights, vision and aspiration for the organization.

Why would this workshop be essential for you?

In this workshop, you, as the leadership team of your organization, will have an opportunity to tap into another 95% of your knowledge using your hands as the ‘google’ for your brain to unlock the BIG WHY question for your business, organization or department using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method.

You will be aligning your value and the work purpose, which is the crucial first step for you to becoming an inspiring leader leading the organization of tomorrow attracting the best of the best people domestically and internationally in this rapid changing competitive landscape in Myanmar.

Workshop Schedule


Creating the Compelling Business Purpose

  • Preparing your brain-hand connection and introducing the language of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

  • Case: How LSP help leaders at LEGO Group think differently contributing to the turn around of the business

  • Surfacing the critical ‘being’ of current business situation

  • The organization perception gap analysis

  • Exploring the external, societal, competitive challenges

  • Creating the purposeful vision as we call ‘aspiration’

  • Reflections of day 1 workshop


Leadership of Tomorrow

  • Unlocking knowledge: Management of the Future

  • Deepening & Broadening perspectives on ‘leadership’ and overcoming myths about leadership

  • Reconnecting with your leadership strengths at the core

  • Personal actions going forward

  • Reflections & closing

What you will get from this workshop?

Executives joined our workshop reportedly reflects that they have had valuable experiences reaching these critical outcomes with their own insights being facilitated and surfaced at the very moment they get in touch with their full thinking capability in the workshop:

  • A concrete understanding of your business strategic focus

  • Refined version of your business purpose connected to personal purpose

  • Developing meaningful connection with other business / organization through the shared values & purpose for future collaboration business opportunities

  • Deepening knowledge and understanding of the characters of the leaders of tomorrow

  • Reconnecting with your very personal leadership strengths and passion, aligning your work-life purpose and developing path to become the inspiring leaders of tomorrow

Course Fees

USD1,000 per pax for the 2-Day Master Class.


•The course fees includes 2 tea-breaks and 1 buffet lunch per day at the Sule Shangri-la Hotel, Yangon

Who Should Attend

  • Change & transformational leaders in the organization

  • C-level looking for the effective way to create a powerful & meaningful alignment within the executive committee group and to create collaboration for the cross-functional team

  • Representative executives from organizations looking toward finding the new growth for the organization

  • Representative executives from organizations in need of retaining and attracting the talents to continue their business exponentially in the future

*** Due to our focus in value for the return on your time and the impact of the outcome we created, we are accepting only 12 executive participants who have passion for personal & professional growth to lead the organization of tomorrow looking for an effective way to strengthening innovative mindset to rise about the tide of change.

About the Trainer

Narudee (Poom) Kristhanin is recognized as an expert in Leadership Development, Organization Transformation & Strategic Alignment Facilitation using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method at the cross-regional level with proven success records by executive level clients Asia and Australia.

Poom is a facilitator for strategic transformation with multidisciplinary experiences and with great passion in unlocking individual's capability through creative learnings. She believes that successful transformation comes from collective intelligence derived from unlocking collective potential where ones re-connect with their purpose through the drive for self-realization balancing with the drive for unity.

She is recognized among one of the most experienced LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) facilitators by the LSP community increasingly at the cross-regional level. She uses advanced LSP method to drive transformation, alignment, engagement, business strategy & business model canvas, scenarios, design thinking and innovation among middle to top executives with proven, reliable records focusing on the real impacts for the organizations. With her robust experiences as consultant, facilitator, trainer and researcher in marketing, strategies and organization development, she helps individuals and organizations reach their insights, unlocking collective potentials where growth and transformation is driven in the most natural human way.

Narudee is currently the Managing Partner of Eureka International, leading various transformation projects by collaborating with network of like-mined top executives.

She is official local partner of a world master in LSP, Per Kristiansen, founding She is also the certified facilitator for complexed transformation & collaboration by Adam Kahane, the world’s leading facilitator for transformation and complex change and the author of “Solving Tough Problems” and “Transformative Scenario Planning.”

She is the adjunct lecturer at Chulalongkorn University for both post-graduate and undergraduate level and serves as Board Committee of Khon Thai Foundation, the collaborative platform driving collective social change, and the Northwestern Alumni Association (Thailand). She has got MS.c. in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University (USA) and B.A. in Communications Arts (first class honors) from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).

Eureka International is the local partner of a world master trainer Per Kristiansen, who has developed the LSP process over the past 15 years together with the another master Robert Rasmussen. Narudee Kristhanin, Managing Partner and Director of Inspiration at Eureka International is recognized among the most experienced LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators by the LSP community both regional and now increasingly global level with proven records in designing and delivering arrays of complexed workshops using advanced techniques in LSP to help the top management team solve their team, transformation, and alignment issue by level up their thinking power through deeper understanding of their complex system of their business landscape, helping them strategize continuously throughout changes and uncertainty.

Growing from previously Eureka Consulting founded in 2005, Narudee founded Eureka International as an open collaborative network of top executives and talents with like-mind- ed purpose. Our work ranging from strategic brand management and transformation, change leadership, humanistic marketing strategy, leadership development, executive align- ment, innovation, and team synergy in which we deliver works for clients not only in Thailand but also London, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, and Indonesia.

Some of her experiences/ clients includes:

The Crown Property Bureau (Thailand) | Tourism Authority of Thailand | SAP | Y&R Adverting Agency | Thai Yamaha Motor | Merck | MARS | Young President Organization (YPO) | Why Not Social Enterprise Agency | Thai PBS | Premier Group | Ministry of ICT | National Innovation Agency | Mitr Phol Group | Ticon Group | MK Group | Mercedes Benz | Chanel | Fraser Property Holding | Astra International | Jardine Matheson & Co. | ThaiBev | Bangkok Bank | Siam Cement Group

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a process in which the experienced, certified LSP facilitator would crack the true need of the individual/ group/ organization together with the need of the organizer/ host to design the experiential based workshop helping the individual / team reaching the desired result by using hands-on, mind in based thinking language (LSP) to help them reach another 95% of brain capacity together and in the most engaging way.

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