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Professionals in Myanmar

...have to say about PDC2017 

I have known Nicholas as my junior, when I was a student in Yangon Technological University. Presently, he is the founder and CEO of Trust Synergy International Co, Ltd. He has been transferring his knowledge and abilities for many development works in Myanmar's electrical energy generation and distribution sector.


Now, he has brought many professionals from Singapore, who are experts in Management,  Finance,   Technical and Education Sectors to transfer their knowledge and experiences for Myanmar Professionals.

I think PDC2017 would be the very first conference in Myanmar and much appreciate to Nicholas for this opportunity for Myanmar Professionals to improve their knowledge and skills to get the professional competencies for their organisations. 

I believe PDC2017 would be a necessity, that Myanmar Professionals can extend their knowledge by combining with the new ideas that are obtained from this conference. This would make a great workforce who can develop their organsations for our nation!

- August 2017

Maung Yan Kyaw MOE

Technical Support, Basler Electric, Myanmar

While the Shangri-La Group has very comprehensive in-house management and hospitality courses, we do have need for external courses on finance and IT for example.

- August 2017

Ms Ma Ma Naing

Director, Human Resources, Sule Shangri-La Yangon

While the country is rich in natural resources, development of human resources is good investment for the long term.

- March 2017

Kyaw Dewa

Joint Secretary General, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

There is a lack of professionals with the right skill sets to hire and it is difficult to retain key talented staff.

- March 2017

Thomas Chan

Executive Director, KPMG Myanmar

Human Capital Development in Myanmar is not matching the rate of urbanisation.

- March 2017

Lee Leong Seng

General Manager, Surbana Jurong, Myanmar

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