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M012 2-Day Master Class on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Valerie Badilla

What makes a good manager and leader great?

Emotional Intelligence is a key attribute of competent leaders and managers.

In the fast-changing and developing business environments in Myanmar, Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) also need to master a new set of leadership skills.

Studies found that managers suffer varying degrees of ‘performance anxieties’ including intense feeling of excitement, pride and loneliness, and feelings of inadequacies commonly known as “impostor syndrome”. These performance anxieties, which are mostly related to emotions, impact negatively on your effectiveness as a manager and leader.

In this course we will seek to develop those emotional qualities that will make you become a more effective manager and stand out as a leader.

More about this Course ...

This 2-Day Master Class on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Workshop will give you the skills and tools to become more effective at managing yourself, cultivating a positive climate in the workplace, increasing engagement and performance, building motivation and trust, and creating competitive advantage for the organization.

Emotionally intelligent managers and leaders ensure increased staff performance and effectiveness, enhanced workplace motivation, creativity and innovation, overcome workplace politics and stress, reduced staff downtime and overall superior learning culture in the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

The Key Topics in this comprehensive, transformative and highly interactive master class include…

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence and Apply to Everyday Practice based on RULER model by Yale University Centre of Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Competence @ Work based on Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Framework

  • Engagement and Empathy: Key to Organisational Competitive Advantage

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Workshop Schedule


1/ Develop Emotional Intelligence and Apply to Everyday Practice

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and its importance to everyday personal and social life

  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to everyday practice based on “The RULER MODEL” – Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence

2/ Emotional Competence @ Work

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence role in the workplace

  • Develop personal competence – Manage self

  • Develop social competence – Manage individuals and teams

  • Cultivate an empathetic working environment


3/ Engagement and Empathy, Key to Organisational Competitive Advantage

  • Understanding the role of empathy and communication in leadership

  • Mindfulness as a key to permanence

4/ The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • The Self-differentiated leadership

  • Hallmarks of an emotionally competent leader

The Approach

  • Prior to the workshop, you will be sent a simple self-test quiz to find out how strong you are in the five areas of emotional intelligence

  • The “Emotional Intelligence Test” will also help you to gain familiarity with the topics of the course so that you will be able to frame these learning points according to your own contexts.

  • During the workshop, you will continue to work individually on “Self-Checks” and “Assessments” using the tool box provided for you.

  • There will be facilitated group discussions, sharing and learning activities

  • Each day finishes with a 30 min meditation exercises to practice improving your focus and mindfulness.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders, managers, senior managers, department heads, C-level executives and entrepreneurs.

  • Note: For optimum effectiveness, only maximum 10 participants are in each class.

Meet your Trainer

Valerie is a business organization development executive, Learning and Development professional and an entrepreneur.

She has an excellent track record in Learning and Development and Higher Education. In Singapore, she taught at James Cook University, and worked with professional Training and Education companies including Kaplan Professional, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Singapore Institute of Management Professional Development.

Valerie has consulted for Myanmar-based companies on turnkey solutions and implementation, organizational development, sales and marketing and in management human resource and learning and development. Amongst the companies she worked with include LEARN, ASK Pte Ltd., Elite Tech, Elite Expess, Ooredoo, PUMA Energy Services and Virginia Tobacco Corporation.

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