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T004 2-Day Master Class on Building a High Performance & Safe Workforce


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Ezril Jamil

The Human Success Factors

Are you frustrated with so much implementations and safety programs yet the safety culture in your organisation did not improve? Accidents still happen....

Where did we go wrong? I know how it feels. I have been in the industry for years and share the same frustrations as you.

Many companies have spent tons of money, putting in lots of effort and time to improve safety and usually by addressing hardware issues and installing safety management systems that include tons of paper work. Over many years these efforts tend to produce dramatic mixed results in accident rates due to no regular monitoring and coaching after the training to maintain its sustainability.

Often, however, a plateau of minor accidents remains that appears to be stubbornly resistant to all efforts to remove them. Although many of these are attributed to peoples' carelessness or poor safety attitudes, most of these are triggered by deeply ingrained unsafe behaviours. Behavioural Safety & Leadership addresses these by making use of proven management techniques which almost always results in a positive step change in safety performance and safety culture.

Behaviour is linked to the way people perceived things around them. It is concerned with advances in the study of memory, language processing, perception, problem solving, thinking and emotion management. Behavioural study is the scientific study of behaviour. It emphasizes careful measurement of observed behaviour, along with an appreciation of the role of environment just before and just after the response. Prediction and control of behaviour are of vital interest to mankind, and we offer the correct tools and technologies to accomplish this. Experts have learned through careful experimentation that behaviour is governed by its consequences, and found that this seemingly simple principle is applicable in a variety of practical situations.

Session Outcomes

  • Highlight the Introduction of Evolution of Safety

  • Human Success Factor Methodology

  • Recommended Intervention techniques to decrease resistance and increase long-term involvement in the safety process

  • Improve Productivity and Safety through Improved morale

  • Identify Staff Problems and Issues

Course Schedule


  • Introducing of the Evolution of Safety

  • Understanding your organization DNA

  • Identify Staff Problems and Issues

  • Take 100% responsibility of your life. Using Formula; E+R=O

  • Understanding Emotion Management Concepts

  • Victory log - The Concept of gratitude


  • Introducing Human Success Factor Methodology

  • Competency & Transactional vs Transformational

  • Technical Challenges VS Adaptive Challenges

  • Recognize that people have different attitudes, beliefs and value systems that affect their work behaviours.

  • Develop intervention techniques to decrease resistance and increase long-term involvement in the safety process.

  • Develop proven successful strategies for Continual Improvement

Delivery Approach

  • Problem solving approach

  • Brain Storming

  • Experiential Learning

  • Interactive Learning

  • Lectures

  • Video Engagement

Who Should Attend

  • Key decision makers of public and private sector organisations who have responsibilities in employee/human resources development and safety management system.

  • CEO, COO, Managing Directors, General Managers and Members of the Board

  • Heads of Human Resource

  • Entrepreneurs

About the Speaker

Ezril Jamil is a Certified MBA Genius Potential Trainer based on Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. He graduated from University of Greenwich (UK) majoring Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental. He is a registered Workplace Safety and Health Officer with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and possesses a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Singapore Polytechnic. He is also an Certified Competency-Based Trainer & Assessor (ACTA) with the Workforce Development Agency.

Ezril was once an HSE Manager in a public listed organization with numerous experiences working with various Industries from Manufacturing, Marine, Oil and Gas, Construction to Aviation. Among his accomplishments include leading companies to achieve local and International Awards such as The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident (ROSPA).

Ezril specializes in administrating advice to management of all levels in current implementations by the Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) and develops programs and trainings to meet the legal and industry requirement. He has successfully developed safety management system for the Tan Son Nhat airport project in Vietnam.

Ezril was involved on the roll out of Myanmar first safety seminar in 2012 and was later invited to conduct safety workshop on Basic Safety Management System in Yangon (Myanmar) with various industry leaders.

Ezril acquired an Advanced Diploma in Training and Assessing with City and Guild (UK) where he became an accredited Nebosh Trainer (UK). He was a Shell trainer conducting behavioural based Safety program called Hearts and Mind during his phase working in Shell project. With that experience he developed a behavioural based safety program called “SHInE” for companies that engages his service.

As part of his training experience, he is an associate trainer with Training Vision Pte Ltd an NTUC Learning Hub conducting WDA and MOM courses.

As a Director of Primus Vision Training and Consultancy, he has expanded his reach towards

human transformation using Jack Canfield's Principle of Success for reference of his teaching. He believes that making the paradigm shift and emotional management is crucial for both safety and personal development.

He is also an ordinary member of Singapore Institute of Safety Officer (SISO) and is actively

involved with IOSH Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Singapore) as a Graduate IOSH member.

What they say about him:

“What I really love about the training is he is very detailed and patient. He made sure we understood and went step by step” - Siti Teeya, Life Coach Nutrition & Holistic Health

Very thankful Ezril for the very structured & systematic Coaching. It has certainly opened portal to reach out to more people with whatever I was promoting. It was indeed an evening well spent. - Dr Joseph Ng, ISO Certified Molecular Reform Therapy Consultant

About Primus Vision Training & Consultancy

Primus Vision is a Consulting, Coaching and Training firm serving clients to achieve a high safety and health standard.

The company was established in 2012 as a result of an effort by passionate group of safety professionals who have been in the business for more than a decade. The team has wide experience in manufacturing industry, shipyard industry, Oil and Gas industry, Construction and Aviation industry. They saw an opportunity to train potential companies on safety and leadership aspects.

Primus Vision still provides consultancy services on Safety Management System (SMS) development and enhancement. Our key focus is to develop human potentials towards shifting their paradigm and emotional management. We have seen over the years of trial and errors that both factors play a vital role in human response which may result in the desired outcome.

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