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F004 2-Day Master Class on Finance for Non-Finance Managers


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Than Aung

Build your Financial Knowledge for accelerated Business growth in the only virgin market left among ASEAN peers...

  • Myanmar is the only virgin investment market left among ASEAN peers

  • Businesses have many growth potentials. To capture such potentials, every Professional or Executive who manage their business operation need to have strong financial knowledge.

  • Finance is a lifeline for every business, and Individuals with a background in finance have been considered to be more effective at making key strategic level decisions to attain their company’s business objectives.

This 2‐Day Workshop will be a concrete and comprehensive guide for developing participants’ financial literacy.

Course Objectives

  • To raise the level of financial awareness of participants so that they are better able to manage revenue, cost, profit and cash for business substantiality.

  • To use financial information to make better short‐term or long‐term decisions in managing their businesses.

The Approach

Real world case studies, discussions, international companies’ financial transactions for training materials, and application skills that would be expected in an organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Directors, Managers, Business Owners, CEOs and Founders

  • Executives who are not financially trained but who use financial information in the course of their work.

Course Schedule


  • Understanding Financial Transactions

  • Functions of Accounting

  • Understanding the main components of a typical set of financial statements or annual report

  • Translation of Financial Statements

  • Translating Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Statement of Changes in Equity

  • Reading the Notes to Financial Statements

  • Linking between Financial Statements

  • Analyzing Financial Statements or Financial Reports

  • Understand Profit and Loss Statement Metrics

  • Analysing Profitability and financial performance

  • Analysing Recurring and Non‐Recurring items

  • Analysising Operating and Non‐Operating items

  • Understand Cash Flow Statement Metrics

  • Analysing Cash flows for Operating, Investing and Financing Activities

  • Working Capital Management and Analysis

  • Analysing 3 types of Free Cash Flows

  • Understand Balance Sheet Metrics

  • Analysing Company’s Investment in Non‐Current Assets

  • Analysing Company’s Operating Assets and Liabilities

  • Analysing Company’s funding from Equity and Long‐Term Liabilities


  • Key Ratios Essential Analysis

  • Growth Perspective (Trend Analysis)

  • Profitability / Performance Ratio Analysis

  • Cash Flow (Trend Analysis)

  • Working Capital (Efficiency) Ratios

  • Gearing (Solvency) Ratios

  • Return Analysis Ratios

  • Business Model Analysis

  • Microfinance Sector – Case Study

  • Telecom Tower Sector – Case Study

  • Biotech/Pharmaceutical – Case Study

  • Budget and Future Projection

  • Revenue, Expenditure and Financing Budget

  • Industry-Specific Operating Metrics

  • Operating KPIs, CSFs for various industries

  • Feedback and Questions and Answers

Meet the Trainer

Than Aung is a finance and investment professional and trainer. He has worked for more than 20 years in senior general management positions for Accounting, Finance and Private Equity Investment field in several private companies.

He worked for Myanmar Investment Limited (“MIL”), London, an AIM listed Investment Holding Company, for over three years where he managed several investment deals in wide range of industries among the company’s a strong deal pipeline. In addition, he had gained vast experience from his portfolio monitoring and managing by involving in BOD team for Myanmar Finance International Limited (“MFIL”), a strong loan portfolio and client base MFI.

He also worked for Andaman Capital Partners (“ACP”), Hong Kong based Private Equity Firm, for over three years. He played a central role in ACP’s government liaison work and private investment deal sourcing role as Country Finance Manager and provided an insight on economic trends and evaluated investment potentials for many overseas strategic investors.

After working for 10 years for Focus Energy Limited (“FEL”), a leading onshore oil production company in Myanmar, he also worked for Parami Energy Group of Companies (“Parami”), one of the Oil and Gas Leading Companies in Myanmar, over one year as Senior Finance Manager, where he managed the Treasury and Cash Flow Function for Part‐1 (Section – A) of Myanmar‐China Oil and Gas Pipe Lines project jointly constructed by Parami and its overseas partner, Punj Lloyd Group India.

Than Aung is a member of Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI, UK), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK) and Myanmar Institute of Certified Public Accountant (MICPA).

He holds B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University of UK while his first degree is B.Sc (Physics) from Yangon University.

He is also a member and volunteer of Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA), leading “Investor Training Programs” under the Access to Finance Committee of MYEA.

Currently, he is a Founder and CEO of “MaximaxSolution Corporate Advisory” focusing on Corporate Finance and Investment Advisory and also Founder and Chief Capability Officer of “MaximaxSolution Tutorial and Training Institute", focusing on Executive Learning Training Programs for Accounting, Finance and Investment Professionals.

He writes articles in blogs and social media and also conducts some public seminars related to Accounting, Finance and Investment literacy.

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