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T016 Powering Your Business with the Right IT Network


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Sng Kok Lam

Few businesses today can succeed without the use of technology. Your IT network is a critical part of this technology.

IT networks also play an increasingly vital role in enabling the participation and development of people in nations, communities and business organisations disadvantaged by geography.

As a business leader, manager or professional, an in-depth knowledge of IT networking to support your businesses will put you in a superior competitive position instead of being handicapped by it.

To help your business to remain competitive and achieve business goals, finding the right IT network for your organisation is key.

Why this Workshop

This workshop is designed such that it is no longer a great challenge for business leaders to understand IT networking needed to support your businesses.

You will not need to remember all the technologies and the applications. The focus is to equip you with the essential understanding so that you can choose the right solution appropriate for your business.

The workshop starts with an understanding of the concepts and ends with how you may apply it to your organisation.

Course Objectives

  • Differentiating the various types of network

  • Identifying the use of networks in business environments

  • Selecting the appropriate network solution to meet your business needs

Course Schedule


  • Understanding IT Networks

  • Definitions

  • Types of Network

  • Network Topology and Its Advantages

  • Differences between LAN and WAN

  • Identifying the Use of Networks

  • Understand business needs

  • Different businesses may benefit from different network technologies

  • Case Study:

If you believe that your business can succeed in another country, what type of network would you deploy to build a strategic alliance with another company based in that country? Why will the company benefit from the right network?

  • Success Stories


  • Network Resilience

  • Backup and Redundancy

  • Security

  • Operations Maintenance and Support

  • Select Suitable Network For Business

  • Business requirements analysis & considerations

  • Cost

  • Security

  • Backup

  • Maintenance

  • Bespoke business environment

  • Activity:

  • Brainstorming: Each group representative or learner to present and recommend the type of network design that is suitable for his/her business environment

  • The benefits of effective network solution

  • Network Solution Assessment, Feedback and Recommendation

  • Learners to share their thoughts on what impressed them the most in this course, and suggest other topics that they are also interested in.

How you will benefit from this Master Class

This Master Class has no jargons. It is presented with simple explanations, and key concept-level knowledge that can be acquired in a couple of days.

  • Eliminate uncertainty and frustration in knowing systems, standards, jargon and buzzwords.

  • Allowing you to make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions when you engage the Telecom service provider or carrier.

  • Practical and the knowledge is applicable immediately.

  • Specifically designed for both IT and non-IT professionals.

  • Learn the concepts and practice real case studies, and brain-storming in plain English.

  • Fills the gaps for those who have some network knowledge, without being bogged down by too much detail.

  • The best way to interact and ask questions directly to the consultant.

  • Feel confident and knowledgeable after the Master Class.

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders who want to gain a competitive edge by leveraging on an appropriate and effective network solution

  • Small-Medium Size-Enterprise (SME) leaders, planners and managers

  • Keen learners and new start-up owners

  • Non-IT and IT professionals who need Telecom network knowledge to be more effective in managing technology projects and technical personnel.

  • Anyone who wants to understand network concepts and how they can benefit his/her business

About the Trainer

Sng Kok Lam is a certified trainer with the Institute of Adult Learners, a Singapore Government Agency. He is also a registered trainer with the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Sng has worked as a Senior Service Manager in AT&T for over 15 years. He mentored, coached, and trained a team of service managers in Malaysia and India. He instilled in them a shared and enthusiastic commitment to customer service.

In 2009, Sng was awarded the prestigious AT&T Global Best of The Best Annual Award and the Asia Pacific Service Award for excellent customer service.

Sng also provided network service training in Mandarin for a customer in China. This resulted in the Chinese customer extending their MPLS service with AT&T for another 2 years.

Prior to his service management role, Sng was a pre-sales technical consultant providing technical consultancy, defining business solution, and responding to various Request for Proposals for international clients which resulted in over $80M in increased sales of AT&T network services in Asia Pacific. He achieved business sales target of over 100%. He attained Achievers Club “Certificate of Achievement” and the AT&T Asia Pacific Global Sales Spot Award.

Sng worked in Citibank for 4 years before joining AT&T. He was a Network Implementation Manager and directed the activities of network technology projects including network design for banking business. He was also responsible to perform the tactical aspects of multiple network transition projects including the installation of routers, switches and firewalls. He developed network design and implementation solutions which reduced banking business costs and increased business productivity by accessing banking applications efficiently.

Sng aspires to teach and share his knowledge with others. He graduated from the University of Wales in U.K with bachelor honours degree in Business Computing and Information Technology.

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