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F002 2-Day Master Class on Effective Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Kevin Lee


The focus on M&A is more significant than ever with exponential growth in ASEAN economies. However, acquirers need to ensure that they manage M&A risk well and get the best value out of their acquisitions and investments. At the same time, sellers and management of target companies should be aware of areas of interest from their potential acquirers and prepare well for the due diligence process.

Conducting due diligence in ASEAN and emerging countries can be difficult when information and data are not readily available. This unique workshop will take an in-depth approach to M&A due diligence. The workshop trainer will focus on key areas of the due diligence process. At the same time, given the trainer’s experience in M&A in this region, he will look at addressing common and fundamental issues you would face. Finally, with working knowledge of the process, phases and methods, you would be able to make better-informed decisions.

Who should attend?

Industry practitioners who seek to execute M&A due diligence more effectively and approach due diligence in a balanced approach taking into account risks and costs. Participants would typically come from the following functions:

  • CFO, Financial Controllers, Business Controllers

  • In-house M&A, Investment teams

  • Corporate development and Strategy teams

  • Accounting and finance teams

  • Risk and internal audit teams

  • In-house legal and compliance teams

  • Other functions including operations, human resources who may be

involved in M&A due diligence and post-merger integration

Learning Outcomes

Over two days of intensive discussion and case studies based on real transactions led by the trainer, participants can expect to learn:

  • Selecting the good value investment choices and be prepared to ditch the deal

  • Making sure executives do not lose sight of the overall objective during acquisition

  • Provide foresight in ensuring no expensive surprises post-merger and acquisition

  • Adapt and adopt due diligence across different M&A projects

  • Collating comprehensive records and information on the target company

  • Gather meaningful analysis of the transaction for valuation purpose

  • Analyse all data and information, no matter how big or small

  • Use due diligence findings as a start of post-M&A integration

The workshop will provide guidance and advice from an expert, focusing on practical methods and tools you can take to work immediately and plenty of opportunities for questions and to consult the expert on how to lead a highly effective M&A due diligence process for your business.

Workshop Schedule



  • Planning for an M&A Transaction and Understanding the Value of Due Diligence in the process

  • Reviewing Approaches to M&A Due Diligence


  • Examining and Clarifying the M&A’s Risks and Value

  • Understanding the Drivers that Trigger the M&A Transaction

  • Developing the Risk Management and Due Diligence Plan


  • Data Gathering Techniques

  • Planning Due Diligence Resources and Functions – Financial, Accounting,

Tax, Legal, Human Resources, Commercial, Operational, Cultural

  • Compliance and Regulations Considerations


  • Documents Review and Investigation

  • Making Sense of Findings During Review



  • Assessing Value of a Potential Transaction through Information Gathered

  • Looking out for Value Creation and Value of Synergies


  • Translating Data and Information Gathered into Actionable Insights

  • Reviewing Qualitative and Quantitative Effects on Transaction

  • Analysing Potential Synergies in the Transaction


  • Understanding the Fundamental Objective of Valuation

  • Basics of Valuation Techniques

  • Translating Due Diligence Findings into Valuation

  • Utilising Insights in Negotiation Planning

  • Closing the Transaction and Integration Planning

About the Trainer

Kevin has more than 15 years’ experience in investment banking. His experience includes the management and execution of a broad spectrum of corporate finance transactions. These range from cross-border M&A transactions to IPOs and other capital market offerings. Kevin had held senior positions in various financial institutions including The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), ABN Amro and OCBC Bank; where he advised clients and covered various markets in Asia. Apart from investment banking, Kevin’s background also includes roles in Siemens AG, Ernst & Young and also as an entrepreneur. Currently, he is the Managing Director of ThirdRock ISSEA Advisers, a specialist advisory firm that advises businesses on M&A and capital raising.

Kevin experience include advising on cross-border transactions involving complex issues; including structuring transactions to manage risks and optimise financial impact for his clients. He has planned and managed the due diligence process in these transactions and led subsequent negotiations which involved sensitive and dynamic situations.

With a strong background in accountancy and finance, he also conducts training workshops on topics like finance, business valuation and M&A. He is appointed a professional workshop facilitator and technical reviewer by the the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) for their professional examinations.

Kevin holds a Masters of Business Administration from Warwick Business School, UK and a Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is also a Chartered Accountant.

During his career in investment banking, Kevin has advised on M&A deals involving:

  • TPG Capital

  • Parkway Holdings

  • Fortis Healthcare

  • Indorama Ventures

  • SK Chemicals

  • Siemens Water Technologies

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