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A Conference Pass is required for you to attend the Executive Overview Sessions.


Each Speaker, who is the subject matter expert, is given 1 Hour to share with you their skills and knowledge on the given topic and how their experience can help you. You will have an opportunity to ask them questions about their offering. If you are interested to learn more, sign up for their workshops.

Click here to REGISTER for a USD100 Conference Pass for Day One & Two of the Conference.

Your USD100 per pax Conference Pass entitles you to attend any of the Executive Sessions at the Sule Shangri-la Hotel on 26 & 27 Sep, 2017. Food and refreshments (tea breaks and lunch) and opportunities to network are also covered by your Conference Pass.


View the details of each Executive Overview Session below. They are held five times a day with several going on at the same time. You can sit in any one of them and for as long as you wish.



Executive Overview Sessions


M001 1-Hr Overview on How to be a Strategic Thinker

Strategic Thinking is a powerful and invaluable skill. It is a precursor to putting together a strategy. It involves a set of attitudes, skills and concepts.


In today’s dynamic and uncertain world, thinking strategically will lead to greater chances of success in whatever business you are in.


The only catch: Strategic Thinking doesn't come naturally. Because most of us tend to react to issues and make short term decisions.


Strategic Thinking skills have to be learned, cultivated, practiced, and applied before you can be more strategic.


Join us for a 1-hour talk to discover tried-and-tested methods on how you can be more strategic.



Session Objectives


  • Learn about the 8 Attitudes of a Strategic Thinker.

  • Learn about the 6 Skills of a Strategic Thinker.

  • Learn about the 8 Key Concepts in Strategic Thinking.

  • Understand the strategies of companies like Apple, 3M, Toyota, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines, Amway, FEDEX, Temasek and many more…

  • Apply the Strategic Thinking skills to your organisation.

  • Understand what questions to ask and the sequence of those questions.

About the Speaker


F T Liu is a Strategy Consultant with DPI Singapore. He has more than 30 years of hands-on strategy experience with US and European MNCs as well as SMEs and his own start-up.


He spent the first 6 years in the factory mastering engineering, quality and manufacturing strategies. These are documented in his book “The Fairchild Singapore Plant (1969 to 1987)”.


He then spent the next 7 years with DuPont mastering sales and product marketing strategies, first as a Technical Sales Representative and then as Director of Product Marketing for Asia Pacific.


He was based in Taiwan for 2 years mastering regional marketing strategies as the Greater China Regional Marketing Director for Temic Semiconductors, the electronics division of Daimler-Benz.


F T put his business strategy to the test when he started a dot com in 2000 helping MNCs move their products, services and technology to their customers over the Internet. That venture ended 3 years later as a result of the dot com bust.


He then spent the next 9 years in Supply Chain Management working for various MNCs and SMEs developing strategies to help their clients take costs out of their supply chains.


F T is a Singapore Certified Management Consultant and an author of four books on business and engineering.




M002 1-Hr Overview on How to achieve breakthrough results through Creative Thinking

In this highly competitive economy, organisations need people who can approach situations with creative ideas in order to achieve breakthrough results.  It is no longer enough for companies to do the same thing better.


This program will show you how you can become such a person.


Based on the best-selling book “Game Of Thoughts: Understanding Creativity Through Mind Games”, the co-author will convince you that you can be creative.  He will also show you various techniques of generating innovative ideas, and how to how to apply creative thinking to achieve your company’s objectives as well as becoming a better person. 


This program will change the way you think and behave.



Session Objectives

  • Understand how the mind works, and be convinced that you can be creative.

  • Know the difference between creativity and innovation.

  • Learn how to think “out-of-the-box”.

  • Effectively apply creativity and be successful.


About the Speaker


John Teo has more than 25 years of working experience in senior management and in sales and marketing of technical products and services.  He has worked for an MNC, various SMEs and was a partner in a precision engineering company.


Right from his first job in Diethelm Singapore, a MNC, John helped to start up a Marine Department from scratch to become a profitable division within two years. 


In 1984, he was head hunted to help Material Handling Engineering Ltd, a SME, promote its business locally as well as abroad.  As the General Manager of its Products Division, John spearheaded the product development of two company’s products, one of which was the first locally designed and manufactured Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).  The company subsequently became public listed in 1989. 


John helped out a couple of other SMEs in the information technology and multi media industries before setting up a precision engineering company with several partners in 1993.  He became the Management Representative and brought the company to ISO 9001 certification in 1996.


John is a Certified Professional Trainer (International Professional Managers Association, UK), as well as a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA).  He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Singapore, and has obtained the Advanced Certificate of Training and Assessment (ACTA).  He is also a Co-Founder of the Association of Professional Trainers (Singapore).


John is also the President of the Singapore Branch of the International Brotherhood of Magicians that has its HQ in the USA.  He frequently uses magic in his lectures and presentations not only to enliven the audience, but to bring out important principles in a fun way. 


SPEAKER: Sekar Shanmugam

M003 1-Hr Overview on Strategic Business Management

The Strategic Business Management programme is designed as a development programme that teaches participants how strategic, marketing, operating and financing decisions come together to drive business objectives.

The programme combines conceptual training in strategy with the immediate opportunity to apply concepts in a fast paced competitive and engaging board-based business simulation.

The “learning by doing” approach builds strategic thinking, triggers shared insights that lead to real behaviour changes in the workplace, and results in much higher retention than traditional training methods.


In this 1-Hr talk, you will get to learn why many seasoned business professionals, who have been through this programme, say they learned more about strategy and finance — and their impact on their business — than a formal finance course.

Session Outcomes

The programme simulates the workings of a company complete with manufacturing, solutions, sales, marketing and financial operations. This hands-on learning experience gives participants the opportunity to develop the following:

  • Understand the connections of the financial statements to the business 

  • Develop, execute budgets, operational and strategic plans

  • Understand strategy and marketing frameworks

  • Manage customer receivables, supplier payables and loan re-payments in competitive business situations

  • Understand key financial ratios and analyse business performance

  • Create business diversification through multiple product lines and solutions development

  • Understand the concepts behind project valuations DCF and NPV



Who Should Attend


This challenging business simulation is designed for new as well as experienced managers or professionals in operational, sales and business management roles.

Note: We are now looking for organisations or individuals to partner us in promoting our highly acclaimed business acumen programmes in Myanmar . If you are an established training provider or an individual who has experience (with an MBA) facilitating business leadership programmes, we would like to hear from you. 

About the Speaker


Sekar Shanmugam started his career at Intel as a Systems Engineer and has spent the majority of his 24 year career working in leading companies like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Maxis Berhad (a leading mobile operator in Malaysia) in senior leadership roles.

His experience includes, among others, managing business units with full P&L, sales and operational responsibilities, guiding his organization through the 1997 Asian financial crisis and leading the integration efforts in Malaysia during the merger of HP and Compaq in 2001.

As Director of Service Delivery at HP Malaysia, he led his organisation to win the Computer World Malaysia "Best Support & Services" inaugural award in 2001 and again in 2002 against other industry IT giants.

In 2007, Sekar moved from the technology sector to work for a Khazanah Nasional (Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund) agri-business start-up.  As Director of Sales & Marketing, he spotted a gap in the market and led the creation of a new brand of packed fresh vegetables ­ - probably a first in South East Asia in the targeted market segment. 

Sekar joined Maxis in 2010 as General Manager of Corporate Business and the Public Sector - a USD170 Million business unit.  At Maxis, he led the initiative to create new future revenue streams in the form of enterprise mobility services – ie. how does mobile technologies help organizations improve their productivity or increase sales.

Sekar is a proponent of educating employees on how businesses work so that they will be able to contribute effectively to the company’s business goals. He is currently the Managing Director of  ProfitAbility in SE Asia – the regional partner to ProfitAbility Business Simulations, UK - a world leader in developing customised business simulation programmes.

Sekar holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malaya and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.


About ProfitAbility

ProfitAbility Business Simulations is based near Oxford in the UK. Founded by two graduates from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford about 25 years ago, ProfitAbility designs and delivers customised business simulations for some of the world’s leading companies – companies such as Siemens, Nestlé, Roche, Volkswagen and GKN. 

ProfitAbility's business simulations are designed specifically to change behaviour, and to deliver measurably improved business outcomes.


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