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M001 2-Day Master Class on Strategic Thinking


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: FT Liu

When was the last time you were asked to put together a strategy?

When was the last time you were asked to be more strategic?

Strategic Thinking is a powerful and invaluable skill. It is a precursor to putting together a strategy. It involves a set of attitudes, skills and concepts.

Engaging in Strategic Thinking does not guarantee the perfect strategy. However, in today’s dynamic and uncertain world, it will lead to greater chances of success in whatever business you are in.

The only catch: Strategic Thinking doesn't come naturally. Because most of us tend to react to issues and make short term decisions.

Strategic Thinking skills have to be learned, cultivated, practiced, and applied before you can be more strategic.

This 2-Day Strategic Thinking Workshop is a proven comprehensive guide to the skills, techniques, tools, case studies, and lessons behind this all-important process. This is an applied learning workshop where you will be applying the Strategic Thinking techniques to your organisation, an environment you know best.

At the end of the course, the good news is that you can elevate yourself from the tactical to the strategic. The better news is that in doing so, not only will you be more valuable to your organisation, you will also be able to separate yourself and your organisation from your competition.

In just 2 days, you will ...

  • Learn about the 8 Attitudes of a Strategic Thinker.

  • Learn about the 6 Skills of a Strategic Thinker.

  • Learn about the 8 Key Concepts in Strategic Thinking.

  • Understand the strategies of companies like Apple, 3M, Toyota, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines, Amway, SATS, FEDEX, Temasek and many more…

  • Apply a proven and comprehensive strategic thinking process to your organisation.

  • Understand what questions to ask and the sequence of those questions.



1: Understanding where we come from

  • Interpreting current Products, Markets, Customers

  • Identifying key skills, technologies, capabilities and operating principles

  • Clarifying major differentiators vs competitors

2: Understanding current market dynamics

  • Making sense of the ecosystem e.g. upstream and downstream players

  • Identifying sources of control and influence

3: Understanding the future landscape

  • Assessing the internal and external future operating environment

  • Distilling the major implications and responses

4: Understanding the key parameters for or against your organisation in the future

  • Analysing key factors that will work for and against you

  • Develop your strategic choices


5: Articulating a future direction

  • Thinking creatively - “change the game”

  • Synthesizing and communicating a future direction

6: Developing a plan on how to get there

  • Identifying and prioritising Critical Issues

  • Building Action and Resource Plans

  • Monitoring implementation


Once you have registered for the workshop, you will be sent a a personal assessment on “Your Strategic Thinking Skills” for you to understand where you are against a set of behaviours typical of a Strategic Thinker.

Three weeks before the workshop, we will get you thinking by sending you an input survey of strategic questions about the business you are in.

During the 2-DAY Workshop, you will be introduced to key concepts followed by breakout sessions where you will apply the concepts to your organisation using the templates provided.

You will also be given a workbook for your “thoughtful writing” using the same templates in the breakout sessions.

There will be group reviews for participants to challenge each other’s thinking.


Leaders, managers, senior managers, department heads, C-level executives and entrepreneurs.


USD1,000 per pax for this 2-Day Master Class



•The course fees include 2 tea-breaks and 1 buffet lunch per day at the Sule Shangri-la Hotel, Yangon


F T Liu is a Strategy Consultant with DPI Singapore. He has more than 30 years of hands-on strategy experience with US and European MNCs as well as SMEs and his own start-up.

He spent the first 6 years in the factory mastering engineering, quality and manufacturing strategies. These are documented in his book “The Fairchild Singapore Plant (1969 to 1987)”.

He then spent the next 7 years with DuPont mastering sales and product marketing strategies, first as a Technical Sales Representative and then as Director of Product Marketing for Asia Pacific.

He was based in Taiwan for 2 years mastering regional marketing strategies as the Greater China Regional Marketing Director for Temic Semiconductors, the electronics division of Daimler-Benz.

F T put his business strategy to the test when he started a dot com in 2000 helping MNCs move their products, services and technology to their customers over the Internet. That venture ended 3 years later as a result of the dot com bust.

He then spent the next 9 years in Supply Chain Management working for various MNCs and SMEs developing strategies to help their clients take costs out of their supply chains.

F T is a Singapore Certified Management Consultant and an author of four books on business and engineering.


DPI is a global management consulting firm. For 35 years DPI has worked with over 3,000 companies worldwide, imparting strategic thinking processes that allowed them to gain control over their competition for the long term.

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