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T007 2-Day Master Class on Effective Channel Management


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Sean Tan

How do you manage a growing network of partners and channels?

Do your managers have the necessary competencies to manage your fast growing network of sales offices, partners and channels?

Do you have the systems and processes in place to support them?

As your organization grows in complexity and expands into new markets, you need to have the right systems and processes, and the right managers with the competencies to effectively manage the wide network of channels and minimize business risks.

As in all other aspects of your business, these critical systems, processes and competencies need to be planned, developed and implemented systematically. The competencies required by your managers can be learned.

This 2-Day Channel Management Workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage a sales channel. Based on years of proven success in managing channel networks across the region, these competencies will help your managers be more effective in managing your sales channels and provide better support for your customers than your competitors.

At the end of the workshop, participants will acquire the competencies required to manage sales channels effectively.

Session Objectives

  • Identify key competencies required to manage sales channels

  • Learn Planning, Communication and Teamwork competencies

  • Learn to develop a plan to apply these competencies in your organization

Workshop Schedule


Understanding current situation

  • Current organization

  • Current systems & processes

  • Current competencies

  • Challenges faced

Understanding future desired state

  • List expected performance of channel managers

  • Identify gaps between current situation and future state

Identifying competencies required of Sales Channel Managers

  • List competencies required

  • Prioritize and identify key competencies

Developing Key Competencies

  • Planning

  • Communication

  • Teamwork


Developing an Implementation Plan

  • Identify key objectives and milestones

  • Identify resources required

  • Monitor, Feedback and Review

Workshop Approach

  • Upon registration, participants will be sent a personal profile survey to help us understand your current role and background

  • During the 2-Day Workshop, participants will be introduced to key concepts and participate in group activities to apply the concepts

  • At the end of the workshop, participants will be given templates to guide them in implementing the competencies in their organizations

Who Should Attend

Management Staff who need to implement these as your organisation embarks on an exciting growth strategy in the fast-growing and challenging economy.

About the Speaker

Over a career spanning more than two decades, Sean has served in senior management positions in Sales and Marketing with local SMEs, GLCs and US MNCs with a Global presence in the Power and Engineering Services industries. He has successfully developed, managed and grown multiple distribution channels in the Asia Pacific region, including China, India, North Asia, Australasia and South East Asia, with the various organizations.

As Head of Marketing of a US MNC’s Asia Pacific management team, Sean led a team that developed and implemented Marketing strategies in the region. His vast and diverse cross- cultural experience has provided him with valuable insights and skills necessary to succeed in the current complex and cross-regional business environment.

Sean’s leadership experience extends beyond the corporate world. He served more than 20 years as an active National Serviceman in the Singapore Armed Forces in senior leadership positions and won several awards for his services.

Believing that life skills and professional skills are similar and complement each other, Sean advocates that we must enrich our lives and careers by constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills. He adopts a holistic approach that encompasses nurturing our Heart, Mind and Body. Sean holds a Bachelors in Engineering (NUS) and a Masters in Business Administration (NUS), is a Certified Practitioner of NLP and has attained the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). He loves sports, enjoys music, appreciates nature, practices yoga, attends courses and reads widely to gain new insights and learn from experts in other fields.

Sean now focuses his efforts on helping individuals and organizations grow to be a better version of themselves. Incorporating acquired sound knowledge and real lessons learnt from experience, combined with experiential learning practices, his training sessions will help participants achieve breakthroughs and acquire practical knowledge and skills.

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