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M010 2-Day Master Class on Culture Centric Talent Management


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Derek Teo

Create an amazing culture where your people bring their best to you

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”- Peter Drucker.

  • How do you make your jobs so attractive that you constantly get overwhelming responses to your job ads?

  • How do you engage your people so that they care more about the business than you do?

  • How do you empower your people so that they stay fiercely loyal to your company?

Culture is an extremely powerful influence in directing human behaviour. Shaped correctly, the right culture can enable organizations to achieve breakthroughs as well as long term business viability.

With many technological advances and innovation disrupting the economy, organizational culture is the success factor for your company to not just survive but thrive in the volatility.

Many organizations acknowledge that People are their most important asset, but only a few are able to truly create an awesome culture where their people can do their best and bring the business forward to the next level.

Creating an awesome culture need not be costly or difficult. Some organizations spend large budgets on employee surveys, team-building, complicated gamified systems to motivate and engage their people, but they may not necessarily be effective. It is important to remember that culture is fundamentally about people interaction, in which simple gestures of personal touch works better than complex systems of rules and benefits.

Workshop Outcomes

This 2-Day workshop will provide a strategic overview of shaping Culture specifically for Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining talents. Through case studies, learn about the various approaches and methods from other organizations in their Culture-building journey.

At the end of this course, you will gain a better appreciation of Culture from an organizational management perspective, how to shape the Culture unique to your organization and how to leverage it to drive business objectives.

Workshop Schedule


Making sense of Organisational Culture

  • Aspects of organizational culture

  • People as the key in creating and shaping culture

  • Impact of culture on the business

Employer Branding

  • Start with “Why?”

  • Employer Identity and EVP

  • Internal and External Branding


The employee experience

  • The Culture Gap

  • ‘Smell of the place’

  • Bad context: Constraints, Compliance, Control, Contract

  • Good context: Stretch, Discipline, Support, Trust

Aligning behaviours with business objectives

  • Sources of motivation: Intrinsic vs Extrinsic

  • Communication and Simplification of processes

  • Use of Gamification

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resource Practitioners

  • C-Level Executives

About the Trainer

Derek Teo is a Human Resource practitioner with more than 7 years of experience in recruitment. While at PSA Corporation Ltd, Derek was responsible for driving the Employer Branding. From relying on simply job advertisements in newspaper, PSA has successfully updated their employer branding strategy, developing their presence on Facebook & LinkedIn, as well as established a flourishing Outreach programme.

Derek also helped the Land Transport Authority refresh their set of recruitment branding materials to become more personality-centred. In alignment with the government’s initiative for better ‘Green Harvesting’ of young talents, he was the driver for LTA’s strategic Student Outreach “Innovators Needed” campaign in 2015 to careers in the Land Transport Industry.

Derek holds a Bachelor of Arts from NUS, a Graduate diploma in Employment Relations from OTC Institute, and is in the process of acquiring his certification in Gamification from the University of Pennsylvania. He recently started his own blog “FutureStep” dedicated to help jobseekers present themselves better to employers.

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