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E003 2-Day Workshop on Effective Credit Overdue Management


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Syed Ismail

Positive cash flow is a Company's strength. It determines how fast a company can expand. Lack of cash is one of the main reasons small businesses fail and inadequate cash reserves is the top reason startups don't succeed. It's called "running out of money," and it will shut down a business faster than anything else.

When you have good monthly sales but low cash flow, you need to find out:

  • Where went wrong

  • What went wrong

  • Who is not performing

Most of the time, it is because account overdues were not collect on time and/or customers take too long to make payments.

Join us for 2-Day Workshop to discover how to recover overdues within the credit terms. This workshop will cover the Principles of Collection and how to make them more effective and efficient.

Session Objectives

  • Apply current accounts receivable management techniques.

  • Understand the importance of contract management to the AR process

  • Institute best practices for credit collection function.

  • Protect the company by understanding the risk inherent in their customer list

  • Streamline the process for maximum efficiency and improved cash position

  • Be transparent in debt position reporting to management.

Who Should Attend

CFOs, Credit Managers, Business Development and Sales personnel who are involved in credit decision making and reporting to management

Course Schedule


  • Understanding sales plus collection = Revenue

  • Setting Credit Limit

  • Risk involvement

  • Turn Around invoices

  • Delay in invoicing and the dispute impact to collection

  • Aging report

  • Aging Bucket and DSO.

  • Prioritizing on the aging bucket in chasing for payment


  • Collection Process

  • Collection and chasing done by credit controller and aging review.

  • Escalation

  • Issues or Dispute that requires more attention.

  • Legal

  • Deciding factor for legal and the impact.

  • Cost effective legal actions.

  • Reporting

  • Dashboard to report to management on highly potential bad debt and bad paymaster

About the Trainer

Syed Ismail has more than 20 years experience in Credit Management, Debt Collection and Credit Collection. His most current job was with AXA Singapore as Head of Broker Credit Collection. Prior to that, he worked at various large companies such as Expedia Singapore, Thomson Reuters, LG Electronic Singapore. He has spearhead the collection for APAC for over 10 years with great achievement in bringing down the DSO as well as the cleaning up of historical bad debts.

Ismail's specialty includes financial data analysis, fiscal management, financial reporting, developing financial measures and internal controls. He is a hands-on manager with proven capabilities in managing customer relationships, improving collection, and reducing AR outstanding days. He is also recognized for accuracy and timeliness in responding to customers and maintaining excellent customer relationships in different industries such as Healthcare, Financial Information, Electronic appliances, and Travel and Insurance.

Ismail is an ACTA certified trainer and has delivered training and assessments across different industries. He is a confident adult educator equipped with the ability to deliver training and conducting assessment, as well as meeting the learning needs of the technological age.

In 2015, Ismail developed and trained the new APAC credit control department for a company based in Malaysia. The following year, he was invited as a speaker at the National Credit Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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