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E003 2-Day Master Class on World Class Mathematics Approach - Singapore Style

Facilitator Adil Ali

Co-Facilitator Suryakenchana Omar


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Adil Ali & Suryakenchana

Mathematics is a core subject offered in the Singapore education system. Singapore's approach to Mathematics has helped students do well in the United Nations' testing of Mathematics ability.

Students often face a variety of challenges in understanding, learning and applying Mathematical concepts and methods.

There are methods and approaches that can be used to facilitate not only in developing better understanding of concepts and methods in Mathematics, but also to achieve improvements in grades.

This 2-Day Master Class is a proven comprehensive guide to the techniques, tools, methods and approaches to helping students develop the ability to better understand Mathematical concepts and methods.

This is an applied learning workshop where you will be applying the facilitation skills to help students in your school, tuition/enrichment centre or your own children.

At the end of the workshop, you will have an expanded toolbox on how best to help students learn and appreciate Mathematics better.

Session Objectives

  • Learn about the challenging topics in the Singapore Mathematics syllabus.

  • Learn about the use of Questioning in developing thinking about solving problems.

  • Learn about the use of the Reverse Coaching Model to enhance the understanding of Mathematical concepts

  • Learn the 5-Steps to Ace your Math Exams

Course Schedule


  • Overview of Singapore's approach to Mathematics

  • Understanding the theory and practice of learning facilitation

  • Learn and practice the art of questioning in facilitating learning

  • Appreciate the role of observation in developing empathy


  • Understand the key and common challenges in the learning of Mathematics

  • Learn about the use of the Reverse Coaching Model

  • Learn the 5-Steps to Ace Your Math Exams

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested to learn about Singapore's approach to Mathematics.

About the Facilitator

AIDIL Ali is the founder and owner of ZYD Math Academy. He established the company in 2014 to fully focus on his passion for Mathematics and helping students who are weak in the subject. Prior to this, he has been tutoring students on a 1-1 basis since 2005. In 2007, he was matriculated in Nanyang Technological University and graduated with Materials Science and Engineering in 2011.

He spent the next 2.5 years with an oil and gas service provider organisation in the operations as well as training department before pursuing his interest on a full-time basis.

As a student, Math has been his strength and interest so it was a natural occasion that he does well in the major exams until the year he went to college. Too much time was spent pursuing his other interest, Rugby, until he was unable to catch up on the lessons. It was also due to complacency that led to his downfall in Math.

As expected, he failed the A Levels Exam, including Math, and had to re-sit for the exam the following year (2004). It was in 2004 that he found the ‘magic’ to learn and strengthen the Mathematical concepts that were taught. Following this, he applied the same ‘magic’ to his first few students and they responded with significant improvements in their grades. Subsequently, he coined the ‘magic’ as the Reverse Coaching Model (RCM) and applied this technique in his classes.


ZYD Math Academy is an educational service provider whose primary aim is to guide students who are struggling in Math but need to take the GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels Math Examinations in order to pursue tertiary education. We also aim to instill self-confidence in students so as to remove their fear of Mathematics.

About the Co-Facilitator

SURYAKENCHANA Omar is the Managing Partner of SWKD Consulting LLP. He has been helping students become self-directed and collaborative learners for close to 20 years. He is also a Certified Coach for Identi3 Personality Profiling.

After serving 12 years with the Singapore Armed Forces, he ventured into the education sector, starting as a Research Scholar and Tutor at the National University of Singapore in 2003, where he was conferred the Master of Arts in 2008.

In 2007, he joined Republic Polytechnic as an Associate Lecturer where he adopted the Problem-Based Learning approach of facilitating learning. His 10 years of facilitating learning helped him develop Questioning and Observation as a key facilitation skill.

Prior to that, he has been helping students develop study skills through his private home-based sessions since 1989. In 2003, he conceptualised the Learning Facilitation Programme which proved a success in helping students become self-directed and collaborative learners. In 2013, he incorporated the use of Identi3 Personality Profiling to ascertain trait-specific study techniques. Since offering his study skills development programme to the public and schools in 2015, it has grown in outreach from year to year.


SWKD Consulting LLP designs and develops a range of programmes for personal and professional development. Through its eLeFPi Learnscapes and a partner company, By Definition Pte Ltd, it offers study skills development programmes customised for primary to tertiary students.

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