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T005 2-Day Master Class on Best Practices for Today's Procurement Needs


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Rick Chong

Procurement has developed over the years into a strategic tool for many organizations in government or private sector. From the backend, it has evolved to become the main thrust for organizations to reach their objectives.

Changes in procurement practice are getting more and more necessary and immediate by the day.

In today’s ever increasing globally connected world, well thought through procurement practices that deliver your exact needs will enhance your organization. Conversely, every mistake or fraudulent activity will be magnified a thousand times to hurt you and your organisation in a myriad of angles.

In this 2-day workshop, we will explore the procurement needs of today's organizations by exploring the strategic impetus, transformation of needs, competency standards and impact to the bottomline. Mastering the strategic intent of procurement will lead organizations to better margins and ultimately, long term success.

Course Objectives

  • Procurement Transformation

  • Understanding Procurement Needs

  • Competency Development

  • Procurement Impact to the Bottomline

Workshop Schedule


  • Procurement Transformation

  • Defining Procurement Transformation

  • Exploring Drivers for Transformation

  • Challenging traditional sourcing and procurement activity

  • Planning the change

  • Successful implementation

  • Transformation and Leadership

  • Understanding Procurement Needs

  • Current Procurement Climate

  • Procurement Lifecycle

  • The 5 Rights of Procurement

  • Kraljic Procurement Portfolio

  • Understanding Supplier interests


  • Competency Development

  • Developing Procurement Process and People

  • Skills development in Procurement

  • Procurement Competency Frameworks

  • Key Competencies in Procurement

  • High Performing Teams

  • Procurement Impact to the Bottomline

  • Cost vs Price

  • Specification Gone Wrong

  • Total Lifecycle Costing

  • Fraudulent Activities

Who Should Attend

  • Procurement Officers and Managers as well as C-Level Executives concerned about setting the right direction for procurement in your organisations.

About The Trainer

Rick Chong has over 17 years of experience in procurement and supply chain where he successfully led procurement operations, cost savings initiative, reorganization projects, system integrations, training and consultancy.

Rick is held in high esteem in the public sector in Singapore due to his stint in the Ministry of Finance where he rewrote the procurement policy and his implementation of his Procurement Competency and Training Framework for all the procurement executives in the Singapore government.

Having lived and worked in many countries, including Germany, Portugal, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Thailand, Rick has a wealth of experience training in different countries and different culture. One of the more outstanding project done by him was the cost savings of a $1,000,000 on raw materials during his time with Singapore Airlines.

With his background in operations, Rick was tasked to revamp the operational processes in HTL international and implement the SAP material management modules (in particular, Procurement) in Germany, Singapore and China. His leadership and hands-on approach ensured that the project was implemented successfully. Armed with the implementation experience, he went on to qualify as an SAP consultant and used his knowledge to implement the electronic purchase request system for A*STAR. The system helped to reduce cost by an estimated $100,000 a year.

Supply Chain and Operation (in particular: Procurement) is in Rick’s blood and he is the best man for you to resolve any operation issues!

About Excellence Procurement Consultancy Pte Ltd

Excellence Procurement Consultancy (EPC) Pte Ltd ( is a training and consultancy firm formed in 2012 by experience procurement professionals, each with more than 40 years of experience in operations. In addition, each trainer has clocked more than 3,000 training days. We are also the associate trainers for the Civil Service College of Singapore.

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