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T011 2-Day Master Class on Best Practices in Equipment Maintenance


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: KH Liew

Establishing best practices in equipment maintenance is an achievable goal. But it’s a goal that many talk about but few achieve. So why is it so difficult? And, why are so many factories still running at over 90 percent reactive?

Many blame it on the age of their equipment and the repairs they require. More blame goes to not stocking the critical (and expensive) spares needed to sustain production. And still more can be blamed on today’s fast-paced manufacturing that doesn’t allow for proper planning or time management.

Rather than play the “blame” game, what steps can be taken to proactively reach world-class maintenance in this reactive environment?

This 2-Day Master Class will introduce you to the best practices in Equipment Maintenance that are carried out in the Aerospace and Hitech Industries.

Course Schedule


  • What is Equipment Maintenance?

  • What can go wrong for Equipment Maintenance?

  • Categories of Equipment Maintenance: Breakdown, Corrective and Preventive

  • Case Studies


  • What is needed for Breakdown / Emergency Maintenance?

  • What is needed for Corrective Maintenance?

  • What is needed for Preventive Maintenance?

  • Periodic

  • Predictive

  • Optimal Maintenance Cost

  • Optimal Level of Maintenance

  • Case Studies

Who Should Attend

Managers and Department Heads who are responsible for the maintenance of their equipment as well as C-Level Executives who want to know what are the best practices in equipment maintenance their organisations should adopt.

About the Speaker

KH Liew, a true believer of Change, is a Six Sigma Black Belt since 1999. He started his career in the Aerospace Industry as a technician with Singapore Aerospace. This was where he picked up the best practices in equipment maintenance based on the high standards demanded by the Aerospace Industry.

Liew then spent 20 years in the HIGHTECH industry with hands on experience maintaining very expensive and sophisticated equipment in demanding manufacturing environments of Seagate, Hitachi Global Storage Technology and Western Digital. These are the world leaders in the manufacture of disk drives for storage of critical information.

Liew's experience as an engineer includes not only equipment maintenance but also equipment design and new product introduction.

Armed with both latest in equipment maintenance and a wealth of engineering experience, Liew is also a qualified trainer with the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment awarded by the Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore.

Besides a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Liew has also a Degree in Business Administration. He took on the latter in order to better understand the workings of modern business and how senior management operates to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

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