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T008 Awesome Tips to Stay Ahead in Digital Marketing


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Ritu J Gaurav

Digital Marketing is not only about having a website. So what does it include?

Digital Marketing Strategy for a business will redefine the Market. Does your business have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Where do you begin?

Sales and Marketing have evolved over time. Starting over 1,000 years ago with simple barter system and spanning several centuries, adapting to changes in consumer behavior, modes of communication, and advancements on technology, in order to become multifaceted, multimedia disciple as it is today.

This 2-Day Digital Marketing Workshop is a proven comprehensive guide to the skills, techniques, tools, case studies, and lessons behind Digital Marketing. This is an applied learning workshop where you will be applying the Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques to your organization, an environment you know best.

At the end of the course, the good news is that you will be able to understand all the Digital Marketing Channels and Plan and Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Company.

Session Objectives

  • Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels

  • Plan and Develop Digital Marketing Channels

  • Understand Analytics and Use it for Optimization

  • Optimize your Online Web Presence.

  • Optimize your Social Media Presence.

  • Apply Digital Marketing Strategy to your business

Course Schedule


  • Evolution of Digital Marketing

  • Identifying key skills, technologies, capabilities and operating principles behind Digital Marketing.

  • Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels

  • Plan and Develop Digital Marketing Channels.

  • Understand Conversion Hierarchies of Different Digital Marketing Channels.

  • Plan and Develop Online Presence

  • Develop your strategic choices


  • Developing a Plan and Thinking creatively

  • Analyze Market Opportunity

  • Plan and Optimize Social Media Presence

  • Identifying and prioritizing Critical Digital Marketing Channels

  • Building Action and Resource Plans

  • Monitoring implementation

  • Using Analytics to Optimize Digital Marketing.

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, senior managers, department heads, C-level executives and entrepreneurs looking to understand and know Digital Marketing.

About the Speaker

Ritu Jain Gaurav is a Digital Transformation Consultant with U2USystems Singapore. She has more than 20 years of hands-on Project Management experience with US and European MNCs as well as SMEs and her own start-up.

She has spent first few years in Motorola building Applications for the Telecom Industry, followed by Alcatel Lucent developing and building OSS/BSS strategic Applications. She worked with US based startup Sylantro in Voice Over IP domain which was acquired by Broadsoft developing Billing Applications.

Ritu has build several Mobile Applications and currently building her own Digital Transformation Company with Focus on Digital Marketing.

Ritu Jain Gaurav has a Masters in Technology (Indian Institute of Technology). She is a certified Project Manager (PMP), Agile Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Digital Transformation Consultant and Android App Trainer.

She is also an Investor and Entrepreneur based in Singapore. She is certified with ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) from Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore.

About U2USystems

U2USystems is a Singapore based Digital Transformation Company. With Partners like Airtel, VmEdu, and Google, the company is instrumental in helping many businesses with a market Go Digital Strategy. U2USystems has two products specific to domains in Digital Marketing (u2udigital) and Learning (u2ulearningspace).


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