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M014 2-Day Master Class on Successful Business Presentation


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Kaung Nyein Soe

  • Do you feel nervous when you are going to present in front of people?

  • During your presentation, can you successfully manage to complete all your messages that you want to deliver to public?

  • How will you make the audience give full attention to you and get what you want after your presentation?

These days, Myanmar has a lot of business opportunities. Everyday we sell ourselves in job interviews to get better salary or positions in organizations. Everyday, we have to sell our products or services to our customers against with competitors. Everyday, we have to report or present to our management and we need to present effectively about our performances.

To do above things successfully, you need to understand what are the important things and how you need to manage or prepare yourself on power point preparation, on your pitching within time management, on your delivery skills such as voice, tone, gestures, movements, eye contacts etc...

You learn and have the chance to practice on this workshop and we will coach you in detail to be a successful business presenter.


In this coaching workshop, the facilitator will coach you each and every steps of presentations and you have to present (4 Times) in front of participants.

Course Schedule


  • Feed back on your existing presentation style by presenting about yourself.

  • Video Learning the skills from world famous speakers like, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Obama, Al Gore etc..

  • Understanding 7 Steps of successful presentation.

  • How to prepare frame works with power point based on your target audiences.


  • Review and feed back on your homework from DAY ONE

  • Voice Coaching

  • Gestures and Movements Coaching

  • Prepare your final presentations together with trainer

  • Review and Feed back on your growth compare with DAY ONE

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, senior managers, department heads, C-level executives and entrepreneurs. For effectiveness, only 10 participants are accepted for each class.

About the Trainer

Kaung Nyein Soe is a Customer Service Specialist and also a Speaker, Executive Coach, Business Trainer and Consultant for 7 years in Myanmar.

He has over 20 years of experiences in Management, Sales and Marketing with multinational companies such as Schaeffler Group(Germany), Samsung and local investment such as Myanmar Sampoerna Tobacco etc.

Currently, he is a Founder and CEO of “KUDOS To You! ” Training, Consulting and Coaching agency. He founded Mahar Shopper Services Co., Ltd in 2015 which is a service provider for Mystery Shopper Services working with world famous cosmetic brand and one local top bank. He also founded Kudos Business School and Kudos Talent Recruitment in Mandalay City.

His first degree is bachelor of electrical engineering from Mandalay Technological University and his MBA in 2011 was from the Yangon Institute of Economics.

Kaung loves volunteer jobs and he is a CEC member of Myanmar Business Executives Association and also an associate member of Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA). As a volunteer, he focuses on Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Myanmar.

He writes articles in blogs and social media and also conducted some public seminars and panel discussions about motivation, personal development and uplifting services.

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