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E001 2-Day Master Class on Teaching How to Read through Phonics


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Dorothy Lee

Reading is a complex "cognitive process". It is a means of language acquisition, communication, and of sharing information and ideas. Reading development requires the understanding of letter sounds and patterns.

Phonics teaches the associations between letters and sounds. Phonics helps children to recognize and associate sounds of the letters in the alphabet. It is a systematic approach to learning how to read and write through letter-sound relationships. Through knowledge of Phonics, children are able to read through recognizing and associating sounds of the letters of the alphabet in the word they read. This will help them improve their reading skills and reading efficiency. Indeed, Phonics helps children to become confident readers.

Who Should Attend

This Certificate Programme is specially designed for Preschool teachers and personnel with the drive and desire to advance their level of teaching/learning.

The Approach

This 2-Day workshop will consist of intensive training, hands-on activities, classroom discussions, group/peer teaching, and group/individual participation.

Participants will be exposed to new ideas and skills to help them teach and learn. They will be challenged to think differently and to teach with a difference.


  • Classroom Participation / Group Presentation

  • Individual Presentation

  • Peer Teaching

  • Individual Assignment

Participants will receive an ECA Certificate for Trainers - “Teaching How to Read Through Phonics”.

Course Schedule


  • The Phonics Framework

  • Approaches to Phonics

  • The Basic Alphabet

  • Short Vowels Sounds

  • Blending

  • Decoding Strategies

  • Word Families 1

  • Reading words


  • Review

  • The Long Vowels

  • Sight Words

  • Word Families 2

  • Reading Sentences

  • Consonant Diagraphs

  • Reading Books

  • The Montessori Learning to Read Programme

  • Group Presentation

  • Individual Presentation

  • Individual Assignment

About the Trainer

Dorothy Lee is the founder, principal trainer and curriculum developer of ECA Enrichment Education Pte Ltd. She has over 25 years of experience in the education field.

Dorothy's experience include being:

  • A Primary and Secondary School teacher;

  • An Academic Director, Principal and Teacher in the Early Childhood Arena.

Dorothy has also helped set up and managed Pre-Schools in Singapore. She has trained many teachers in both Singapore and Myanmar.

Dorothy has a Masters Degree in Education Management as well as an Advance Diploma in Kindergarten Education and Teaching and an Advance Diploma in Early Childhood Education - Leadership.

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