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E002 2-Day Workshop on The Teacher's Toolbox


Workshop - 2Days

28 & 29 September 2017, YANGON

Thu & Fri

Speaker: Remus Zhong


Has someone ever asked for your opinion, advice or an explanation on a topic that you are really good at? If you helped that person – I’m sure you did – you imparted your knowledge to him/her. You taught him/her something. That makes you a teacher.

Teachers are found everywhere, not just in schools: Trainers, coaches, experts, leaders, parents... the list goes on.

The question is – how well do you pass information on? This one question determines how good of a teacher you are.

The Teachers’ Toolbox workshop aims to equip any educator with the skills and know-how to plan, prepare and conduct an effective teaching session. As a participant, you will be shown and given opportunities to practise a variety of techniques that will make you an even better educator than you already are.

Who Should Attend

Educators who seek to improve their teaching techniques through practical application.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make your topic easy for your learners to understand

  • Put a great teaching session together

  • Techniques to observe, understand and adapt to your learners

  • Build rapport with your learners, get them to focus, and have them enjoy learning

  • Experience the value of good platform skills and learn how to acquire them

  • How to answer the top three questions every learner has

  • How to manage your learners and their learning environment

Workshop Schedule


Lesson Management

  • Lesson Flow and Planning

  • Curriculum Development

  • Learning Environment

  • Activities

  • Assessment

  • Administration

Visuals and Tools

  • Slides

  • Board Skills

  • Realia


Learner Management

  • Distilling Information:

Turning what you know into what your learners want to know

  • Participation

  • Discipline

  • Organisation

Platform Skills

  • First Impressions

  • Using Your Voice

  • Rapport

  • Telling Stories

  • Using the Space

  • Personas

Workshop Approach

Three weeks before the workshop, you will be given a set of questions. Your answers will help us to know your area of expertise and to better understand the challenges and needs that you have.

By the end of Day One, you will be tasked to plan a short lesson (5 minutes) about what you currently teach or intend to teach. This short lesson will be presented on Day Two and be an important part of the learning experience.

All participants will receive one complimentary physical copy of The Introvert Teacher.

About the Trainer

Remus Zhong has been in the education sector for over a decade and recently authored the book The Introvert Teacher, through which he seeks to share his experience and knowledge with those who wish to improve their skills as educators, the better to impart their wisdom and expertise even more effectively.

An introvert himself, Remus appreciates the inner world of his learners, often encouraging them to share their thoughts and experiences at their pace. He is also conscious of his learners’ needs and seeks to understand them in order to better address and meet them.

His extensive training experience includes programmes in Life Science (Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, Immunology etc.), Food Science, Environmental Science, Journalism, Cyber-wellness, Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking.

With a keen interest not only in science but also in the English Language, he has pursued, completed and achieved a distinction in a Diploma in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in early 2015, to further help his students, both local and international, improve their language capabilities and express themselves better through live presentations and public speaking.

Remus has trained in over 90 education institutes in Singapore and has mentored project groups, designed experiments and planned lessons, apart from developing fresh curriculum. His latest project in curriculum development is a series on gemstones and basic gemology. With its launch, he hopes to inculcate interest in the growing gem and jewellery industry in the ASEAN region.

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