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M008 2-Day Workshop on Crisis Management: Building a Strong Resilient Mind


Workshop - 2 Days

28 & 29 September 2017 YANGON

Thu & Fri

Trainer: Khai Rassidy

In an era of globalization where the Internet is blazing fast to carry the slightest news of an organization crisis within seconds, the postmodern leaders are often grappled with making that ultimate decision that can affect many lives and the organization’s reputation. While having good IQ & EQ is able to serve you to perform management issues in your organization in an orderly manner, the latter is very much important to balance that act during a crisis management situation.

Learn how you can be CALM by staying focused and composed in the midst of a crisis.

  • Gain an insight of how the "flight or fight" system works in all human beings when faced with an "imaginary lion".

  • Understand the advantages of possessing a strong resilient mind through reconciling the current situation by listening to your current emotions (RESILIENCE).

  • Master the CALM technique to build a strong resilient mind.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how the human mind works when faced with adversities.

  • Describe why a strong resilient mind is important.

  • Discerning what is your personality color code using a reputable intra-personal checklist.

  • Able to apply the CALM technique to build a resilient mind.

Who Should Attend

Organizational Management and Community Leaders who are primarily responsible for people, property, and business continuity. Government leaders in the areas of security, safety and risk management are also encouraged to participate.

Why you should not miss this workshop

This 2-Day workshop will allow you to learn the fundamentals of how a human mind functions, under duress, when making critical decisions within minutes after learning of a crisis. Participants will also learn how their personality color code can create awareness about themselves and assist them to stay focus and calm when faced with adversities in their work or even personal life matters.

Workshop Schedule


  • A white-water world – the interplay of order and chaos affecting postmodern leaders in the current globalized world since social media platforms are easily accessible tools, with the swipe of a finger, to spread news like wildfire.

  • The "flight or fight" system – an insight of how our neuron feedback develops when our thought process influences our decisions when facing with adversities.

  • Importance of a resilient mind during crisis management – the advantages of having a steady and composed mind which can affect your personality during testing times.

  • Applying the CALM technique – steps on how to build a stronger resilient mind.

  • The Inventory Interpersonal Preferences Inventory – an inventory checklist which will

showcase your personality when dealing in various situations.

  • Case studies on real crisis management – sharing notes on latest world crisis


  • Recap of C.A.L.M technique – synthesizing techniques of using C.A.L.M


  • Schein's sea anchor analogy – eight themes of career preferences for an individual.

  • Leveraging at the Tipping Point - the ‘trim tab’ effect in which small forces that impact on

larger forces which can bring about major changes to an organization.

  • Revisiting the Inventory Interpersonal Preferences Inventory - Discerning the personality

color code results.

  • Multiple Intelligence and Multiple Possibilities – Howard Gardner’s seven fundamental intelligences.

  • Sharing of real life crisis management cases - participants to share on their real-life experience.

  • Recap of C.A.L.M technique – internalizing the techniques of CALM technique

About the Trainer

Khai Rassidy has a combined experience of 18 years in the maritime, aviation, traffic, IT projects and security risk management. As a former law enforcement officer, he was involved in various security operations in the maritime, aviation and state events; Singapore’s repatriation of the last batch of Vietnamese refugees’, IMF World Bank, Formula One, SGSecure.

Khai is a multi-disciplinary coach consultant based on counselling and group psychotherapy skills. He is also an active community mobilizer for Singapore’s National Counter-Terrorism movement “SGSecure”.

Khai is also an ACTA certified trainer.

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