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M005 2-Day Workshop on Making Things Happen: Getting Things Done


Workshop - 2Days

28 & 29 September 2017, YANGON

Thu & Fri

Speaker: Francis Tan


The world of work and business is undergoing unprecedented change – with advances of technological applications in almost every aspect of life, increasing educational levels, changing socio/political systems and norms and higher expectations of a better life of citizen workers.

Effective leadership in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) business environment demands the transformation of management from the old-style command and control to a new style of inspirational or transformational leadership.

This programme focuses on the development of exemplary leadership practices by examining old competencies and attitudes in line with new leadership competencies and thinking to bring about sustainable change in organisations and society in general.

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for executives and managers with leadership roles, including those with personal leadership responsibilities without authority.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Increase their awareness of their leadership preferences and styles

  • Gain knowledge of the principles and practice of leadership.

  • Reflect on their leadership experience in practice.

  • Practice their leadership skills by engaging in activities and role-plays.

  • Identify areas for personal leadership development.

This workshop incorporates experiential learning methods with extensive use of activities and role-plays that allow participants to discover, practice and develop their leadership skills.

Workshop Schedule


  • My Leadership Realities

  • Barriers and Hindrances

  • Enablers and Disablers

  • My Leadership Challenges

  • Leadership Dilemmas,

  • Changing Leadership Roles,

  • Leadership Focus

  • My Leadership Understanding

  • Theories, Principles and Practices

  • Managing vs Leading, Followership

  • My Leadership Profile

  • Leadership Traits and Preferences

  • Exemplary Leadership Practices


  • My Leadership Practices

  • Interpersonal, Achievement and Leadership

  • Managing Change, Motivation, Emotional Competencies, Resistance and Conflicts, Negotiations

  • Coaching and Performance Feedback, Managing Interactions and Developing Others

  • My Leadership Effectiveness

  • Initiating - Making Things Happen

  • Motivating - Pushing Things Through

  • Implementing - Getting Things Done

  • Maintaining - Keeping Things Going

  • My Leadership Development

  • Levels of Commitment

  • Personal Planning

About the Trainer

Francis Tan is the Principal Consultant and Director of First Touch Consulting Pte Ltd, a company focusing on leadership, change management and performance improvement.

Francis has facilitated programmes both locally and internationally (Africa, Middle East and South East Asia, for public institutions and ministries, as well as private enterprises.

As a training consultant, Francis designs, develops and delivers training programmes in the areas of teambuilding, learning organisation concepts, communication and interpersonal skills, personality profiling and coaching, leadership, quality and productivity, consulting skills, performance management and organisational effectiveness.

As an organisational development consultant, Francis facilitates local and international management workshops in the areas of strategic planning, business development, managing diversity, culture building and values inculcation, organisational development and change management.

As an instructional designer, Francis designs, develops and delivers innovative, experiential and active learning activities and interventions to reinforce learning and transfer of learning based on adult learning principles. Francis also conducts train-the-trainer courses on instructional design and activity development, as well as consults in competency studies, curriculum development and training systems.

Prior to starting his own consulting company, Francis works with the Singapore Training and Development Association as a business development director, and as a senior consultant in the fields of IT, insurance, business and human resource with consulting firms of Coopers&Lybrand and Ernst&Whinney.

Francis holds a Masters in Education and Human Resource Development from George Washington University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Singapore. He has also attended programmes leading to the Professional Certificate in Change Management, National Training Laboratory (NTL) Institute.

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